Treesha Love Scars n' Attitude



Treesha – Keep Rising( No Hesitation 2020)

"One of our greatest weakness is giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try again one more time!"  "Keep Rising" is a motivational song to encourage people to rise above [...]

NEW MUSIC ALERT! “This Old Heart Of Mine”

Check out my new single audio out today 12.01.2018, produced by JJ From Outta Space from Leipzig, Germany. "This Old Heart of Mine" is a Classic Soul song from the Isley Brothers released on the [...]

Happy New Year Greetings 2018!!!

Thank you #TeamTreesha for an amazing 2017. I'm looking forward to continuing this journey with you in 2018 and giving you more music this year. Here some #Stats from #Spotify! Thank you for all the [...]

Top 30 Best Reggae Song 2017 “Love U Like 123”

Thank U United Reggae for naming "Love U Like 123" one of the best 30 songs of 2017 alongside other great artists/songs. Thank you all for the support and looking forward to giving you [...]


Patricia Wambui Mwaura, artistically known as Treesha, carries a story rich with cultural heritage and personal growth. Born in Kenya, a country vibrant with musical diversity, she found her calling in her name that means “Singer of Songs” in her native Kikuyu language. Her father’s melodic guitar playing laid the foundation of what was to become a lifelong passion for music.

At eight years old, Treesha’s voice began to carve out its space in the world, first in the school choir and then in the gospel choirs of Nairobi, broadening her understanding of harmony and melody. Her move to Germany marked a pivotal chapter where her daytime role as a Medical Assistant contrasted with her burgeoning musical career, reflecting a dual existence balanced by her love for song.

Joining Gentleman & The Evolution Band in 2012, Treesha’s musicality found a global audience. Her debut album ‘Listen’ came out in 2015, showcasing her ability to blend genres like Reggae with RnB, echoes of her Kenyan roots adapted for the global stage. Chart successes followed, with her song ‘Rude Gyal Swing’ topping the German MTV Urban Charts affirming her musical talents within the competitive German music scene.

Since then, Treesha has become an established name in the live music circuit, known for her dynamic performances that captivate audiences worldwide. Her energetic shows, often described as both powerful and intimate, reflect her ability to connect with fans across cultural boundaries, solidifying her reputation as a consummate live performer.

In the creative period between her albums, Treesha actively collaborated with acclaimed producers and artists, releasing singles that showcased her evolving sound. This phase was pivotal in harmonizing her diverse influences into a refined and distinctive musical style.

Treesha’s sophomore album “Love, Scars & Attitude ” is a testament to her growth, weaving a blend of love’s complexity, the strength found in adversity, and the relentless chase of dreams. This album is not just a collection of songs but a mirror to her soul—a showcase of deep introspection and musical diversity that highlights her artistic dexterity. With “Love, Scars & Attitude,” Treesha doesn’t merely continue her journey; she invites the world to partake in it. She stands not only as a beacon of East African talent but as a global artist whose voice resonates with truth and whose story continues to connect with people around the world.

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